Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thoughts on Opening Repertiore Choices

Why have a specific opening repertoire?
  • To specialize in a limited set of openings
  • To minimize the amount of study required
Why have I chosen to have to have 2 sets of opening choices?
  • Because my objectives differ when playing higher or lower rated opponents
  • To get exposure to a larger set of opening ideas and positions
  • To avoid boredom and stagnation
  • To have a back-up plan in case my opponent is prepared for my opening
Objectives against higher rated players.
  • To paraphrase Simon Webb -  The tiger must lead the elephant into the swamp.
  • Maximize my tactical chances
  • Unclear / dynamic positions
  • Drawish lines OK – especially forcing tactical lines
  • All pawn structures, including IQP
  • Stay in book.  I want them to leave book worried about my prepared lines.
Objectives against lower rated players.
  • The tiger waits for the rabbit to make a mistake
  • Minimize my opponent's tactical chances
  • Strategically sound positions
  • Avoid drawish lines
  • Avoid symmetrical pawn structures
  • Avoid pawn weaknesses
  • Get them out of their prepared lines.

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