Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to Lose at Chess - Introduction

I can only imagine why anyone would want to lose a game of chess. Perhaps you are forced into a situation where you must play a game against a person of superior position at work and you dare not win for fear of reprisal. Or perhaps you will be playing against a relative on their deathbed and do not want your loved one's last game to be a defeat.

Whatever the reason you want to lose at chess, I will provide you with all the tools needed to succeed at your task. You will learn how to get checkmated, how to lose your pieces, and how to make your position so bad that you cannot avoid loss. Many of these techniques will allow you to disguise your objective of losing.

Some have suggested that people may try to use this information for the exact opposite reason; to try to avoid these mistakes and improve their game. I find this idea preposterous and will give it no further consideration.

Topics of future posts to this blog:
  • Losing by Checkmate (Checkmate in the opening, typical mating patterns, checkmate in the endgame)
  • Losing material (Value of the pieces, blunders, counting, forks, discovered attacks, pins skewers, removing the guard, combinations)
  • Positional Mistakes (Weak pawns, weak squares, good and bad pieces)
  • Example games

I wish you the best (or perhaps that should be worst) of luck in your future chess endeavors.

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