Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Phase 3 - Integrate the displays

Phase 3 has begun!

The displays arrived today.  First I soldered on the headers.  It has probably been 25 years since I did any precise soldering so it doesn't look like a professional job, but it works.  I tested each connection with my ohm meter to make sure I had a good contact and wasn't shorted to the next pin over.

Next I followed the tutorial from the Adafruit website to wire up the displays.  Then loaded the "Hello World" example.  I swapped the displays to make sure both were working correctly.  That was quicker than running another set of jumpers.

Next steps:
- update my clock sketch to send the time to the displays
- figure out how to do my custom characters for the large digits
- polish up the sketch and add delay, increment, and multiple periods
- create a setup routine so the time and other settings can be set with button presses

I'll post more updates as I make progress.

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