Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Arduino has arrived

The Arduino experimenter's kit arrived today. 

I loaded the software without much trouble.  The only issue I had was the software recognized the Arduino was plugged into COM 3, but it was trying to write the program to COM 1.  This may have been due to having two instances of the software open.  After I closed one of them, it has worked ever since.

I built the first project from the booklet:  Making an LED blink.  I guess this is the "Hello World" program of the Arduino world.

So far this is going much more smoothly than I had hoped.   I will try to do a project each evening.  That should give me a good start at writing the chess clock program.


  1. Completed projects 2 through 6.
    2 - Lighting eight LEDs in sequences using For loops.
    3 - Control the speed of a DC motor using PWM output
    4 - Drive a servo
    5 - Light eight LEDs to count in binary using a shift register chip
    6 - Play "Twinkle twinkle little star" on a piezo element

  2. Completed projects 7 and 8.
    7 - Pushbuttons for digital input
    8 - Potentiometer for analog input

    Also purchased the book: Teach Yourself Arduino Programming in 24 hours.

  3. Finished the last 5 projects:
    9 - Photo resistor as analog input
    10 - Temperature sensor
    11 - Relay
    12 - 3 color LED
    13 - Force sensitive resistor.
    Found lots of typos and omissions in the project booklet, but having to troubleshoot the code that was incorrect in the booklet was a good learning experience.

    Now I am working my way through the Programming book. I will post some timer code soon.